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Introducing Viral Site builder with attractive elements never before!! Watch the video and click link below to get special bonus Secret Ebook

Create Micro – Buzz sites that grow virally using Retainio.

You will get additional 5 sites with the Pro version.
  • 5 more sites
  • 500 additional campaigns
  • Spin wheel feature
  • 3 additional themes
  • Content Extraction from any URL
  • Vertical flip
  • Spin content
  • Connect 5 more WordPress sites
  • 15 additional DFY campaigns

Enter the URL from which you want to get the content

And insert the imported content to your posts. You can also spin the content to make it unique!

Vertical Flip lets you add a series of images that the viewer can flip like the pages of a book.

  • You don’t have to worry about writing another piece of content.

  • You can create more viral sites. Obviously more sites means more profits

  • You can make every site look unique

  • You have the power to add additional elements like Vertical flip & Spin wheel that are almost irresistible to interact with.

  • With the additional DFY campaigns you never have to think again what to publish.

If you are getting stuck on drawing traffic, you must get to know “micro buzz” styled websites. With extraordinary features, this type of web certainly will blow a breath of fresh air to your work!

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(No need of any kind of coding )

Key Features & Benefits


  • Find videos by YouTube, Vimeo, or use an embed code.


  • Create these to get visitors to interact with your site. People love to be included in the conversations and polls are a great way to give them a voice.


  • Simulate a messenger or text style conversation between multiple parties with this option. It allows you to add members, images, and more. Great for giving your visitors a way to ‘eavesdrop’ on whatever text you want to display on your site while pushing them towards any offer you want.


  • It allows you to put together multiple slideshows that draw your visitor’s attention in like a moth to a flame. It also helps to create the types of posts that give a top number of some sort. Once you create the gallery, push your visitors to any offer you want or to sign up for your lists.


  • Create more helpful, useful posts that allow you to connect with the reader and offer true value, such as celebrities, sports figures, or more! You can use these lists to create catchy viral content that attracts tons of viewers & to earn amazing affiliate income from Amazon!


  • People are now trained by sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others to swipe and scroll through content. By tapping into these same pre-programmed behavioral habits, you will be able to have visitors stick to your site as well with fewer bounce rates and more opportunities to earn income from Amazon affiliate products and more with this option in Retainio.


  • You’ll also see that you get a full-fledged text editor that helps you design your content just the way you want. Change font size, select various fonts, bold, italicize, select text color, and even add emoticons with this option in Retainio.


  • Drive visitors to your offers & convert them to buyers using a call to action buttons!


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